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Family Our Gerald

Our Gerald

Gerald Kirschner

Gerald Kirschner

Junior Manager and Head Chef

Our Gerald

Junior Manager, world Traveler
and Master of the Kitchen

"He who has travelled, sees life differently."

When he was only seven years old, it was clear for our Gerald: "I'm gonna be a chef!" From that moment on, our hands were full trying to keep the eager young chef away from the kitchen - which wasn't designed with small children in mind. He couldn't be swayed from the original plan because Gerald, who also plays the trumpet, didn't only inherit musical abilities from his father, Reinhard, he also inherited his stubbornness. So he began his apprencticeship as a cook at the Hotel Schwarz in the town of Mieming right after he finished his schooling. 

Already in the year 2006, Gerald recieved four awards that prove he was spot on with his choice of professions. Gerald received first place in the apprentice competition in Tyrol, the silver medal in the national apprentice competition, first place in the school championship of the Tourism School in Landeck, and third place at the renowned Austrian Junior Cooking Championship, the winner of which is invited to the World Skills competition.

With these accolades in hand, Gerald took up his first position as a chef in the Trofana Royal restaurant, hotel, and spa in Ischgl where he worked under the famous chef, Martin Sieberer (2006-2007). After his obligatory military service, Gerald cooked at Restaurant Bind in Kollunt, Denmark (2007), in the Gran Canaria (2008-2009), and in Portugal (2009). Additional stops in Austria include the palace hotel Velden on the Wörtersee with its gourmet restaurant Schlossstern.


Gerald with Claudia and the whirlwind in diapers, Maria Pia

With this treasure chest of experience, Gerald eventually returned to the Hotel's own kitchen and, because of an emergency situation, he was quickly promoted from sous chef to head chef when he was just 22. There he had to quickly sink or swim. Gerald rose to the challenge and, along with his team, cooked his way into the hearts of the guests. In order to improve his skills and abilities even more, Gerald completed an F&B Manager Program (Food & Beverage Manager) in 2015. Because he sees every hotel through the prism of the kitchen, Gerald was responsible for the renovation of the kitchen and pantry.

There was hardly a between season period in which Gerald's adventurous side didn't motivate him to get out into the wide world and explore what's cooking in different pots and pans. He traveled through the US, China, and Thailand where he spent time off the beaten tourist paths philosophizing with the locals about cooking and the world. His experiences in all different types of countries didn't just form his philosophy of cooking, it also influenced his view of life. After years of backpacker experiences Gerald knows that people don't need much to be happy and for the best dishes, everything you need is growing and blossoming right outside your door.


Gerald in his element


Little daughter, Maria Pia, likes to help out :)

Strong visions run in the family and Gerald had some of his own. Regardless of his chosen profession, his plan was as followed: By the time I'm 30, I'll reside permanently in Serfaus and be married to a wonderful woman who is not from Serfaus. So it was. Additional, Gerald also became the father of Maria Pia. The world traveller finally returned to the 1000 person village, Serfaus, and brought our junior chef Claudia along, who, owing to the fact that she's from South Tyrol, has a good understanding of both worlds.

In order to ensure that the Hotel will continue to be well-taken care of in the future, Gerald, together with Claudia is assuming new responsibilities step by step. Even though his heart remains in the kitchen, he can now be found everywhere on-site as he learns the ropes of various aspects of the family business. This includes everything from changing the light bulbs to marketing decisions and managing the team. Our committed junior manager already has plenty of ideas for the Hotel. But if there's a 'fire in the kitchen,' Gerald can't be kept away. We're glad that he is part of the family business with heart and soul.

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